Drop in for a little Magic!



Spoon Bending

Spoon Bending

Spoon bending may seem like a small thing to some…but let them try and do it! I now have a garden of bended spoons in my yard to remind me that energy is energy is energy. Also to remind me of what a wonderful gift my teacher and guide Kimberly Rinaldi gave to me. Why a garden of spoons…because now I can.

Reiki and your pet

Reiki and your pet

´╗┐Giving Reiki to my dog Lola is a great way to help heal her emotionally and physically. She just loves it and it is a great way to connect with her. When I start the Reiki she will come over to me and jump in my lap to receive it. If I am working with a Reiki grid she will come and sit in the grid. She has turned into a little 5lb. Reiki Master. Since doing Reiki on her periodically she seems more youthful and calmer. Working with animals is a little different than working with people but just as rewarding.

Meditation is the Key

Meditation is the Key

When I started meditating I found it hard to quiet my mind and even stay still. Now I can sit quietly and get into that space and allow what comes in. Sometimes it’s colors, sometimes it’s messages that guide me, and sometimes it’s nothing at all. No matter what comes to me I know that it is exactly what I need. Meditation is now a practice I do daily. Even if you do it for only 5 minutes periodically throughout your day you will gain the benefits of meditation. One of my teachers kept on me about the importance of meditation now I see what she meant and I am forever grateful to her for her guidance. Have you spent even 5 minutes in meditation today? How has it helped you?