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Stay grounded and sure footed. You are provided for in all ways. Keep moving forward and stand your ground. Winds of change are coming for the better. Projects, ideas, or work from the past are moving toward fruition. Seeds for new abundance have been planted. Movement will be swift but steady. Be strong and confident in yourself. You have all that you need spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and financially.  Stay focused and know that you are taken care of.




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Intuit Reiki

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Become a certified reiki master for yourself or as a profession, enhance psychic development, learn to give an intuitive reading, learn about crystal grids, work the law of at…

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Psychic Vision & Intuition Workshop

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Psychic Vision & Intuition Workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn how to give a psychic reading without tarot cards, pendulums, or other tools?  In this class, you will learn how to go within and get the information quickly and accurately. This is an intuitive development class that flexes your psychic muscles. Using several exercises, we will then go into our psychic abilities to read for ourselves and others in the class.  Messages always come in and you will be amazed on how accurate your reading is!  This is a very healing class that enhances your psychic abilities, teaching you how to go within for answers.

Date: October 22nd

Time: 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Location:  Visions & Dreams 2482 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Cost: $40.00



I am an Ordained Minister, Intuitive Reader, Certified Reiki Master Practitioner, and Reiki Master Teacher. I am certified in EFT, NLP, Time Framing, and Hypnotherapy Techniques. I blend these techniques along with intuition to and bring different modalities to all my classes and sessions. I teach classes in The Law of Attraction and Manifestation, Guided Meditations, Intuitive Tarot, Crystal Grids, and Intuitive development. I look forward to joining you in your spiritual journey filled with love and light.

MARINA  626-343-3852





The Magic of Salt

I love salt!  I use it in so much that I do.  Those of you who know me are familiar with the salt baths that I make for Cleansing and clearing of negative energy.  Salt has many magic properties.  I love to use salt for baths but did you know you can use it to protect your environment?  Salt can be sprinkled around your home for protection and cleansing.  Just as salt can cleanse a wound or inflammation, it can be used to cleanse your home.  Salt can be used to clean, clear, and purify your crystals by placing them in a bowl of salt.

I make bath salts but I use the salts for everything.  I bath in them, I burn them, I add water and make a spray with them and sprinkle for protection.  I have several Himalayan salt lamps to purify my room.  Give salt a try and let me know how it works for you!







Sept. 23rd Creative Visualization, The Law of Attraction and Manifestation


It’s Magic time again! We will be working with Creative Visualization, The Law of Attraction, Intention and Manifestation to bring in our desires. We will be go into the emotional states needed for manifestation, learn the use of life energy, Law of Attraction,  intention, and the process of creative visualization.  This class is for anyone who desires to manifest and attract abundance, success, love, and positive outcomes in their life. Be the creator of your life and start living the life that you want to live.  No prior knowledge of manifestation or tools needed. Just bring yourself and an open mind!

Facilitator: I am an Ordained Minister, Psychic Reader, Certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Master Teacher. I am certified in EFT, NLP, Time Framing and Hypnotherapy Techniques. I teach classes in Certified Reiki I, II, & III, Crystal Grids, Law of Attraction and Manifestation, Intuitive Development and more.  I work with my higher power, my angels and spirit guides to receive information from your energy and guides to give you an enlightened, detailed and accurate reading. I work only for the highest good of my clients and my greatest gift is being of service to you and your well-being.




E-Mail: intuitreiki@gmail.com

Phone: 626-343-3852

Fee: $20.00

Location: Buddhamouse 134 Yale Ave., Claremont CA

Date: September 23rd


Intention and Attraction Candle



Let’s create a super charged image candle to help you focus and manifest your goals, wishes & desires! Make a candle for Love, Money, Health, Abundance, or Spiritual Growth. In this class, we will infuse our magic candle with loving energy in a most effective crystal grid, creative visualization, intention, the law of attraction, oils, and positive thought! 

*Must RSVP on https://www.meetup.com/intuitreiki so I can be sure to bring your supplies! 

* If you would like to bring personal pictures of things you want to manifest, feel welcome to bring them, all other materials will be provided.


Class: $30.00 per person

Supplies: Included

Time: 6:30pm

*Please be on time, doors shut at 6:45.  Please park in the rear of Gallery.

Date:  September 15th

Location: The Gallery 13105 Whittier Blvd., Whittier CA

Contact Marina



 intuitreiki on meetup West Covina


Facilitator: Marina Garcia

I am an Ordained Minister, Intuitive Reader, Certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Master Teacher, EFT, NLP, and Hypnotherapy.  I work with my guides and angels in all that I do. I teach classes in The Law of Attraction and Manifestation, Guided Meditations, Past Life Regression, Intuitive Tarot, and Intuitive development. I am a dedicated Light Worker and bring different modalities to all my classes. I look forward to joining you in your spiritual journey filled with love and light.

A Prayer for a Spiritual Teacher

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I can remember a time when my life was very chaotic with no direction.  I happened upon an intuitive spiritual chiropractor who treated me for discomfort.  She must have seen a soul that was lost and she told me of a women’s retreat in Joshua tree for the weekend.  I barely made enough money for the trip but I made it.  It was a spiritual retreat working on self, meditation, healthy eating, hiking, and sweat lodge.  Things that just weren’t part of my life.  What was she thinking sending me to a healthy retreat and where are the margaritas?  But I had fun, could this be what was missing in my life?

When I returned to my chaotic life I was very sad even angry.  I knew I didn’t belong in this place anymore.  Did I ever?  When I came back from the retreat I felt aggravated by the people that surrounded me and the energy of the life that I had created.  I wanted the spiritual energy that I had experienced at the retreat.  Where had it gone and how do I get it back.  Someone should bottle that stuff!  Not knowing what to do I sat in the middle of the floor cried.  I prayed for a guide, a teacher to come and show me the way.  I wanted spiritual growth but I wasn’t ready to give up the way of life that I knew.  I had become addicted to a chaotic life.  I had to change my way of viewing the world I had created.  I had to be responsible for the dialog in my head and my heart.  I had to want to change my life instead taking life’s left overs. I had to start living my life with intention and faith.  I had to change but I didn’t know how, where to start or even if I could change.  So, my teacher didn’t show up for many, many years.   I like to call this the “I’m not ready to change because I don’t want to do the work!” phase in my life.

There is a saying “When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear.”  After years of treating my body like crap and not opening my eyes to a higher way of life, one so teacher appeared. I wound up working with her for many years and still do today.  She made me laugh, she made me cuss, she even made me cry.  Most of all she taught me inner strength and gave me tools to live a better life.  To this day I still thank and love Mrs. Kimberly Rinaldi.  I prayed for you and you showed up for me.  I love you with all my heart.

Two years after meeting her, I asked the Universe to introduce me more guides. That year I met 6 in a row, who taught me many things.  My teachers where not in a college, a metaphysical magazine or online.  They just showed up in my life and in the strangest places.  Each teacher showing me something new.  The one thing they all had in common was the smile.  The smile that seemed to say…” Finally, you’re here.  I have been waiting for you.”  Some of my lessons have been hard because I can be stubborn, and other lessons came natural to me.

I didn’t want to learn healing modalities nor did I want to teach what I had learned.  But life had other plans for me.  I now teach others intuitive development and Reiki.

I feel very grateful for the magical teachers in my life and the love that they have shown me.  I can only hope to be that for someone else.

If you truly want something in your life ask for it with intention and be open to receiving it.  When it comes, it may look and feel different than what you expected.  It may take longer than you expected.  There may be many twist and turns that you didn’t expect.  It may even turn you into things you never wanted to be like a healer, a teacher, or a life coach.  Just remember to be open, be willing to change, do the work and have faith.  The Universe will bring it to you.  Good luck on your path and may it be filled with blessings, love, and light!


With deep love and gratitude to all my teachers and guides,



Listen to your Guides, Guardians, and Angels!

Angry Woman Shouting at a Hand

When your Guides and Guardians want you to let go of something or get toxic people out of your life they will send you strong messages confirming it!  When I say strong, I do mean strong.  I have a toxic relationship that I didn’t want to rid of because I felt guilty doing so.  I am healer for the love of God, shouldn’t I be more compassionate?  Well compassionate yes but a doormat NO!

Try as I tried I couldn’t stay in this toxic relationship even out of guilt.  I was kind of glad when spirit Guides said “ummm hmmm…. not good, feel free to leave.” Even after that, I thought maybe I could try and work it this way, maybe I could help that way.  I’m going to try a different way I told myself. Well, all night I had horrible dreams about this person.  And when I say all night, I mean ALL night.  I would wake up and go back to the same dream.  Hmmm my Guides are really pushing me to see the truth.  Nah, I told myself it was just a dream, your imagination is working overtime.

I wake up still unnerved from the crappy night and then this person calls me on the phone.  No good morning, no how ya doing, just calling to screw with my day and then hang up on me.  I give up, I release all guilt and ties.  I hear my Guides and Guardians loud and clear, I get it.  My Guides and Guardians are not going to let this go and will keep sending me strong messages until I understand that this relationship is toxic and needs to go.  They are not going to let me minimize this relationship nor will they allow me to poo poo their advice.

There is a silver lining in this though.  In every lesson, there is a blessing.  I learned to trust my Guides and Guardians as well as myself.  I don’t have to live in guilt about things beyond my control. I don’t have to take shit from anyone.  I learned to trust, love, and take better care of myself. I have a new-found freedom. I walk away knowing that I have done all that I can and loved as best as I could.  I take full responsibility for my well-being and my happiness.

Thank you to my Angels, Guides, and Guardians for loving me so much.  Thank you for taking the time show me what I need to know and open my eyes to what I need to see.  Thank you for all that I am and for taking such good care of me.  A bad night confirmed by morning brought freedom to a caged heart.

Listen with your heart and listen to your Angels, Guides, and Guardians.  Listen to your higher self and trust your heart.  Don’t short change yourself another minute and get rid of people, places and things that do not serve your highest good.  Leave things that do not nourish your soul.  Do not live in guilt and stay in relationships because we are programmed to.  Love and live with your heart and love and leave with your heart if you if you need to go.  Be good to yourself and honor your heart and spirit.

Blessings, love, and light,