A Day with Ganesh April 9th


This is a time to clear your throat chakra.  Pay special attention to sound and vibrations.  Use sound and light therapy for healing the throat chakra and to open the crown chakra.  Be willing to communicate your concerns clearly…especially to yourself. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge your feelings.  Release all negative energy that does not serve you.  Embrace the you that is blessed and born to the gifts of the Universe. Ganesh is speaking to your spirit and letting you know that blessings are to come.  No matter what is going on currently, STAY POSITIVE!  As the wheel of fortune and seasons move, your time for abundance and blessings are moving closer.  Many blessings are unfolding before you.  Times may have been rough but by the new moon situations will improve.   You are blessed and loved by Ganesh.  Spiritual wisdom is unfolding no matter how things appear.  Obstacles are being removed and blessings will come seven-fold.  You will have all you need and more.  Also, clean and clear your space.  Use aromatherapy and herbs to clean and clear your space and to attract that which you wish to bring in.



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