My journey into Tarot


I am Marina.  I am a psychic reader, reiki practitioner and reiki master teacher.  I love what I do.  I remember being a little girl playing with tarot cards telling fortunes for rubies.  The idea of growing up and doing psychic readings seemed like a fantasy…. who would have thought I would actually be doing it lol.  Tarot cards and metaphysics have been with me all my life.  I can remember getting messages as a kid and being attracted to metaphysics.  Even though I put those gifts away for some time, they were always there.  I couldn’t keep away from them.

I thought I would take a workshop to help more with divination and the next thing I knew I was working in metaphysical shops reading for a living and loving it!  Soon after that I was teaching people how to open and work with their intuition and how to do readings for themselves.  I now have workshops and regular clients.  Go figure having a job that you love!

I like to say that I fell into this field of metaphysics but we all know that everything happens for a reason.  This truly is my path.  It has branched out to so many different avenues.  I make salt baths and oils for relaxation and abundance, I teach workshops on the law of attraction and manifestation, intuitive development, connecting with your guides and angels, crystal grids as well as certified reiki.

Not the typical job.  My parents surely never expected this and try telling your date what you do for a living lol.  But all that doesn’t matter because I love helping people with my readings.  I love the work that I do because it is healing and has meaning.

Thank you, Universe, for all that I receive!




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