Get a jump on 2017 now with a psychic reading and healing your life path.

Are you on the right path for 2017?  Are you holding on to out dated thoughts and emotions that don’t work for you anymore?  Get a psychic reading and find out where you are on your map of life.  Let’s work on getting those out dated ways of handling your issues out and bring in some new tools for 2017!  Do something for yourself now that your 2016 self will thank you for later!  Don’t wait to get started in January….get a jump on your life now.

I go into your energy and give you an psychic reading which maps out where you are at this time.  We uncover blockages that keep you from moving forward as well as an in depth insight of where you are in your life right now and uncover what keeps you from getting to where you need to be.  Let’s get you from point A to point B today!

Reiki and Reiju can be added on to your reading if you like.

Reiki is an ancient healing technique that uses the life force energy to heal. Reiju is an offering of spiritual consciousness and energy. It’s a spiritual boost, divine blessing, and a matrix of spiritual/healing energy. Reiju aligns any area of your life that you identify as central at this time. It’s a reminder of your unlimited potential. This combination serves as a spiritual and physical boost and aids in stress reduction and helps you find the answers you need in your daily life!

Phone readings and distant reiki and reiju also available!

I am an Ordained Minister, Psychic Reader, Certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Master Teacher, Certified in EFT, NLP, time framing , and Hypnotherapy techniques. I work with my guides and angels in all that I do. I teach classes in The Law of Attraction and Manifestation, Guided Meditations, Past Life Regression, Crystal Grids, Channeling, Certified Reiki I, II, & III, Learn Tarot in 4rhs, and Intuitive development. I am a dedicated Light Worker and bring different modalities to all of my classes. I look forward to joining you in your spiritual journey filled with love and light.



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