new year

Are you on the right path for 2016?  Are you holding on to out dated thoughts and emotions that don’t work for you anymore?  Come in and get a psychic reading and find out where you are on your map of life.  Let’s work on getting those out dated ways of handling your issues out and bring in some new tools for 2016!  Come in and treat yourself to a psychic reading. or a  Reiki Session followed by a Reiju Session.  Do something for yourself now….don’t wait to get started in January….get a jump on your life now.

Interested in Reading, Reiki & Reiju Session Package:

I go into your energy and give you an psychic reading which maps out where you are at this time.  We uncover blockages that keep you from moving forward as well as an in depth insight of where you are in your life right now.  Afterwards, I offer a reiki session which addresses any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances.  Reiki is also used for relaxation and stress relief.  Reiju is given after that.  Reiju is an offering of spiritual consciousness and energy.  It’s a spiritual boost, divine blessing, and a matrix of spiritual/healing energy.  Reiju aligns any area of your life that you identify as central at this time.  Its intention is that you receive whatever you need for your personal journey.

Facilitator: Marina Garcia
I am an Ordained Minister, Psychic Reader, Certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Master Teacher, Certified in EFT, NLP, time framing , and Hypnotherapy techniques. I work with my guides and angels in all that I do. I teach classes in The Law of Attraction and Manifestation, Guided Meditations, Past Life Regression, Crystal Grids, Channeling, Certified Reiki I, II, & III, Learn Tarot in 4rhs, and Intuitive development. I am a dedicated Light Worker and bring different modalities to all of my classes. I look forward to joining you in your spiritual journey filled with love and light.


Start your New Year off healthy with a Soul Retrieval Session.

Get back to 100% of your spirit and start living the life you where meant to live! Stop living in lack.  These prices are valid from now until January 2016.  Come in for a 45 min Soul Retrieval Session at $145.00.

Soul retrieval is a powerful spiritual practice that heals soul loss. Soul loss can occur whenever we have trauma in our life. For example, we may experience soul loss if we are in an accident, undergo a serious operation or if we suddenly lose a close friend or family member.

Is your spirit 100% here?

Come in for a Soul Retrieval session with Elijah Hernandez a third generation Shaman High Priest Healer, Ordained Minister, Medium, Clairvoyant, Certified Reiki Practitioner, and Certified in Hypnotherapy Techniques.  Known all over the world, he uses positive energy to heal ALL levels of discomfort and pain of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.  He scans the body to find the source of dis-ease and pain.

Come and see Shaman High Priest Elija Hernadez

Services also offered:at The Light House Healing  Center



Psychic Readings

Soul Retrieval


Cliean and clear your auric field and chakras

Sessions with Shaman High Priest Elija Hernandez

Stop smoking/ drinking/ gambling/ sex addiction

Classes are also offered for:

Certified Reiki I, II, III

Learn Tarot in 4 hrs

Crystal Grids

Past Life Regression



Connecting with Spirit

Connecting with your Ancestors

Law of Attraction and Manifestation and more!




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