Up early talking to my latest certified reiki student sharing all of the miracles and gifts he received since he’s taken the class…this is just one of the gifts of being a reiki master teacher. I love what i do and i am so grateful every day to the masters who gave me this great gift that keeps giving to me constantly! I will be teaching another round of reiki in December for those of you who would like to attend either in person or distantly. Check out our other classes!

Classes Available


Crystal Grids

Learn to give Tarot Readings in 4 hrs.!

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation

Reiki I, II and III

Intuitive Development

Tarot Play Night

Ancestor Workshop

Connecting with Spirit

* Private Classes Available *

The Light House Healing Center

516 N. Lemon Avenue, Ontario Ca

The light house healing center on
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