Self Reiki


I had a very bad toothache one day and I was in so much pain.  I couldn’t get to a dentist for another week so I slept with a piece of fluorite under my pillow and Reiki’d myself.   It took a little bit but the pain went away.  It came back the next day and I did the same.  I did it so well that I was perfectly fine for the next three months when I finally got the nerve to go to the dentist.  I had always given Reiki to others but never on myself.  Funny how we healers always heal others before ourselves. Reiki can do amazing things and self Reiki is one of them.  Reiki is by far one of the most powerful and life changing things I have ever learned.  I use it in all that I do and even teach Reiki today.  I love this gift!

Interested in learning the art of Reiki?

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Marina 626-343-3852

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