A Page In My Spiritual Journey


My name is Marina and I am an Intuitive Reader, Certified Reiki Practitioner and teacher.  I teach all that I do.  I live a wonderful, magical life.  I am very grateful that I get to live my passion in spiritual healing.  Long ago, when I first started my path, one of my teachers told me I would be teaching all that I know.  Teaching? I crossed my arms, said no way!  Who am I to teach, I barely understand this spiritual stuff myself.  At the time I couldn’t even feel the energy from a crystal…how am I going to teach such things to others?  Lol…the joke was on me.  As time passed I was in fact teaching all that I knew and that I continue to learn.  I taught manifestation, intuitive tarot, crystal grids, reiki, spirit connection, past life regression, eft for weight loss and on and on. My passion for teaching has taken over so much that these days I cant help but to teach.  I thank Mrs. Kimberly Rinaldi everyday for that message…even though I didn’t believe it at the time. Even though I poo poo’d it, I get so much from my students.  Teaching has been one of the best gifts I have ever received from spirit.  I get so excited before each class and I love to see the progress each and every student makes.  They all become my little babies.  To all my students…I just want to say how much I appreciate and adore you.  You make me grateful everyday for what i do.  To those of you I havent met yet….I cant wait to work with you and I am grateful for the day we work together.  Spirit has a funny way of working things out for you.  Bringing to you things you would never dream in a million years would happen.  I just want to say…Dream and dream big.  Nothing is to big for spirit.  Follow your heart and follow your spirit and you will always find your passion.  I have some new classes coming up this year and I hope to see you there.

Blessings, love and light to you now and in all time and space, past, present, and future,




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