These are new manifestation kits that I have created!  Cupid’s Arrow attracts love, romance, self confidence and self love.  Millionaire attracts abundance and opportunities.  Manifest helps you manifest desires.  I have used all of these and have had great results!  I manifest so much that one day I came up with all of these magical recipes to help bring in another layer of energy.  I had to put them on Esty and had a great response.  You don’t have to be a magical manifester to use these bath salts.  They can also be used for beauty and relaxation.  I love them and I use them daily.  They smell great and I feel so soft afterwards.  As far as manifestation….These are great tools for adding another layer of energy! I made each kit to include everything I needed…a candle, incense, charcoal, bath salts and essential oils that attract what I need.


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