Distant Reiki


You can do Reiki anywhere, anytime, to anyone, place or situation.  I also send reiju from a distance as well.  If you have just been attuned to reiki II, I strongly urge you to start doing distance healing.  If you are looking for your Reiki III attunement contact me for classes.

Here is a comment I received this afternoon after sending distant Reiki.

Roxanne Hack

I just have to share this experience: Today I woke up with a migraine – my first in months. I was doing EFT and aromatherapy, as well as a handful of other home remedies that often help me. I posted about it on Facebook at about 10:15 – when it was at its peak, pain-wise. At 11:30, Marina Garcia commented that she was send Reiki, and let me tell you – I felt a shift within the hour. I am now enjoying a nice day at home. THANK YOU, Marina! Your Reiki is a wonderful, powerful gift

Thank you Roxanne for the validation and confirmation that distant Reiki works. 

Angela Carle I would recommend Distant Reiki with Marina Garcia to anyone that needs a helping hand. Today was my first time receiving a long distance healing and I’m amazed that within minutes I was feeling better. She relieved a severe anxiety that was riddling me for days and I can now go on with my day feeling lighter and happier. Thank you again Marina. You have a true gift and bless you for sharing it with the world.

Thank you Angela.  Sending you blessings, love and light to you.  Thank you again and have a wonderful day!


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